TrustVibes Announces Beta Testing of its Social App Infused With NFTs

This article was published in Yahoo News , Yahoo Money and Yahoo Finance on September 7, 2021.

USTrustVibes Corp. has announced the beta test launch of our Social App, our groundbreaking TrustCircle and monetization tools. The TrustVibes Social app will be the first to utilize an advanced social media framework called TrustCircles to bring together creators and their fan communities. This creator centric model seeks to provide the ideal environment for creators of passion economy to build thriving businesses.

TrustVibes CEO Rashid Jamal says this about his approach to the NFT as a tool, “Although NFTs are one of the hottest areas of crypto, they are only empowering the top 3% creators. We are lacking the tools and strategies to assist the 97% creators with tools required to build community around their creation/art/talent, which will increase their income dramatically. There are many NFT marketplaces, but how does the average creator build an audience on any of them? And on social networks, creators have to fight against the platform to thrive. With the TrustVibes app we have combined the best elements of both platforms to vastly increase what creators can expect from their creative efforts.”

The app addresses the three biggest creator complaints with online platforms; the share of the revenue they take, algorithms that work for advertisers at the expense of creators, and social networks control of their fan bases.

In terms of revenue distribution, TrustVibes takes an industry low 1.5% fee from all transactions as their business model. For comparison, Facebook and YouTube charge creators up to 45% of the revenue they generate on their platforms. Costs to advertise and promote your work or events through the app are a fraction of what the lowest cost social media platform charges.

The TrustVibes app does not have advertising so creators never have to worry about ads disrupting their relationship with fans. And our platform promises no algorithms that interfere with creator goals.

In terms of fan control, the TrustVibes app uses an advanced form of social networking called TrustCircles that is 100% controlled by the creator. Fans are invited into creator TrustCircles and both receive enhanced benefits. Creators get a supportive environment that generates positive publicity and more sales. Creators can also host events within the app such as the launch of a new NFT, or use the app to promote off-app events tickets etc. Fans get better access to creators, limited edition NFTs from their favorite creators, a healthy social environment, and sometimes even a share in the revenue.

We have designed TrustVibes for the $38 billion Passion Economy which seeks to distance itself from social networking and maximize the relationship between creators and fans. To do this effectively, they need tools like the TrustVibes app. Creators seeking to better manage their creator businesses should take note.

The beta launch begins on Friday August 21, 2021 and runs for 30 days. Anyone interested in participating in the beta should contact us on our telegram channel @Trustworks.

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TrustVibes is a next-gen social app powered by NFTs and blockchain. It is the engine for creators in the passion economy. Empowering creators to connect with their communities and monetize their creative works.


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September 14,2021