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The TrustVibes App

It makes NFTs Go Viral!

Mobile, fast, easy to use, filled with features, and 100% focused on NFTs. The TrustVibes App is a transactional platform that uses social to create network effects. It is the perfect sales and marketing tool for NFT creators and owners!

App Features


Save costs and use our fastest and cheapest minting on the blockchain.


Our NFT marketing features are the industry’s best. We guarantee views of your NFTs.


Sell NFTs, track sales, and book pre-orders for new collections.

Connect Directly

Create customers in the app, and bring them to all of your projects.
Our Tools


NFT focused Live and Metaverse Events

Events to promote the NFT industry, highlight new NFT technologies and projects, and feature the most successful and talented NFT creators.
Our Tools

TrustVibes Creative

Creating Multiple Revenue Streams

We work with partners and empower them to create or offer revenue generating use cases for NFTs, Metaverse games, NFT staking platforms and more.
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Networking in the Metaverse

TrustLounge is a networking place in the PolkaCity metaverse for TrustVibes ecosystem users. We organize music events, NFT events and much more.
Our Tools

Virtua Studio

Virtual Music Production and Distribution

Virtua Studio is a TrustVibes project which aims to set a new standard for music production, distribution and performance.


TrustVibes provide a social and monetization platform for creators to socialize, to monetize their artwork create exclusive communities to achieve financial freedom.

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Distribution and monetization has been a huge challenge lately for musicians. With TrustVibes, musicians can sell tracks to the audiences and create exclusive circles for interaction with super fans.

Creative Artists

A lot of creative artists are stuck with unfulfilling work or paid very less. Now artists can create what they love and sell directly as NFTs on the blockchain. TrustVibes makes it super easy.


Tech Integration

Behind TrustVibes

The Founding Team

Rashid Jamal
Junaid Arshad
Carmelo Ippolito
Raza Jamal

Core Team

Zeeshan Abbasi
Dev Ops
M. Rizwan Harun
Technology Stack
Shahgil Haq
Project Specialist
Anas Iqbal
Mobile Engineer


Justin Bratton
Brand Ambassador
David A. Jones
Music Producer
John Dang
Habeeb Syed
Blockchain Law


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