Finance Magnates: This article was published in Finance Magnates on August 19, 2021

TrustVibes will release its next generation social app in August, giving content creators a new and powerful tool to help them to protect and monetize their creative works, and maximize and reward their fan communities.

Content creators, who are the most important stakeholders on social networks, are very dissatisfied with the benefits they receive on these platforms.

Creators do not get compensated fairly for their content, they do not have control of their fan bases, nor do they receive enough quality data about their content to turn all of that social activity into thriving businesses for themselves.

The Passion Economy Promises Creators Can Finally Cash in on Social Networking

Out of this dissatisfaction has come the $38 billion Passion Economy,a new paradigm which places creators at the center of the ecosystem, and positions fans in a healthier and beneficial relationship with creators.

There are major challenges however. Today, the Passion Economy is built on existing social networks, creating limitations that make the promised benefits nearly impossible to extract.

For creators to thrive in this new economy, they need platforms that are specifically designed to maximize their success. Ones that transform the social media model into a creator-centric one, and provide them with tools and strategies that create better outcomes for them and their fans.

Trust Vibes has taken on this mission, with a next generation social platform that reimagines and transforms social media as we know it today.

After consulting with creators and using their experience in app development and blockchain tech, they built an application that takes aim at creator needs and delivers them in abundance.

How TrustVibes App Works

The TrustVibes ecosystem is designed to be safe, easy to use, efficient, and most importantly as the ideal foundation for creators to establish and grow their creative businesses.

The TrustVibes app is built on the latest blockchain technology,which provides an immutable framework that offers security, safety and confidence for creators and their fans.

Blockchain is becoming the most widely adopted technology protocol for systems that require trust, and TrustVibes use of it shows their commitment to creators.

They also incorporate a cryptocurrency, the $Trust token,into the ecosystem, which allows creators to generate revenue in the TrustVibes economy in multiple ways.

The $Trust token also gives fans a way to earn, even as they support their favorite creators.

The main product of the Trust Vibes app is Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, which are currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. NFTs offer a way for creators to independently unlock and realize value from their creative works.

The creator NFTs become the focal point around which creators build, manage and reward their communities.

How TrustVibes Helps Creators Reach New Levels of Success

The TrustVibes app uses an innovative social environment called TrustCircles that reimagines online social interaction and creates new levels and types of interactions.

TrustCircles position creators and fans in a relationship with trust and clear benefits for both sides. Fans want access and an intimate relationship with the creators they follow.

Creators want a loyal fan community that is vibrant and supportive. The TrustVibes app rewards each party for providing these benefits to the other and simultaneously prohibits any elements or factors that prohibits the benefits from being delivered.

The result is that fans get unique access to creators and their creations, and an opportunity to participate financially in the creations of the creators they champion.

And, creators get a new level of support both socially and financially from fans. As the TrustCircle grows and gets stronger, the financial and other benefits increase exponentially for both parties.

One key factor for the success of all parties is making sure creators and fans are on the same page about how to participate in this new paradigm,to receive the enhanced benefits.

So TrustVibes has created a series of explainer videos available on its youtube channel. Simple yet elegantly done, they cover every key part of the TrustVibes app features and there is even a video detailing how fans can best use TrustCircles to have the best experience, and receive the most benefits.

A few other important things to mention. TrustVibes services are mostly free, and where they do charge, they are the lowest in the industry. Also they do not sell your data, or control your fan bases with constantly changing algorithms.

And creators and fans own all of the content they place on the app. This includes their conversations. Take that Facebook and Twitter.

Beta Testing of the TrustVibes App Starts this Month

The TrustVibes app begins beta testing on August 20, 2021. First stage of the beta test is for the top investors, artists and the TrustVibes community; public beta will start from 31st August 2021. You can also view the TrustVibes app explainer videos on their Youtube Channel .

By reimagining social, providing the best new technologies, and creating a creator-centric economy that creators fully control, the TrustVibes app offers a powerful and perhaps unrivaled way for creators and their fans to thrive in Passion Economy.

September 14,2021